Computer and laptop service

Get in touch with us through phone, email, facebook. Pick up- repair – delivery – in Ceske Budejovice, Cesky Krumlov area

Complete diagnostics

Complete diagnostics is the first step before we fix your device.

Dust cleaning - PC, notebooků

Extend your computer or laptop’s life! We clean the dust out of its heat sink to avoid overheating

Password bypass - windows user account

Are you unable to log into your Windows account? Let us help you.

Virus/Malware removal

We provide computer´s and laptop´s virus removal using the best paid tools. 

DC connector repair

Is your laptop´s DC connector damaged  or even broken? We can help you to charge your device again.

Windows system installation

If you want us we can do fresh install of Windows system, it usually helps to fix a lot of computer/laptop´s issues. 

Internet wifi/kabel - domácí sítě

Navrhneme, sestavíme, nastavíme, zabezpečíme vaší domácí síť.

Computer/laptop hardware upgrade/replacement

We provide replacement service of broken hardware and physically damaged parts of the laptop – mostly of displays, keyboards, hinges, joints, inverters, plastic parts ..

Data recovery

We have a very powerful tools for rescuing deleted and corrupted data from memory cards, hard drives, USB flash drives ….
Did not find the specified range of our service, the service you need? Does not matter. Contact us